Pastor Search and the Hopper Family (Updated 05/17/2020)

(Updated 05/17/2020)

Ripley First Presebyterian Church welcomes Kurt and Velinda Hopper and their family.  The Congregation approved the call of Kurt Hopper to Ripley First as a CLP2 by a unamious vote on May 17, 2020.

Kurt preached at his home church on May 17 and baptized his oldest son, Jonathan.  What a blessings!!

The family will be starting the move to Ripley on May 26 expecting to arrive between May 29-30. 

He will be commissioned and installed as CLP 2 on June 14, 2020.  


(Updated 05/03/2020)

The Hoppers are planning to begin the moving trip on May 26.  They should arrive in Ripley on May 29 or 30.  Under the current pandemic rules for the State of Ohio, traveling into Ohio fro out of state requires a quarantine of 14 days.  Given that, the Commissioning and Installation for Kurt is planned for the worship service of June 14, 2020.  

(Updated in April) Pastor Kurt Hopper has accepted the call to come to Ripley First Presbyterian Church.  Kurt, his wife Velinda, daughters Madisen, Sara, Izabella, and sons Jonathan and Jaxon are very excited to be joining Ripley First as we begin to assure the legacy of Ripley First continues.  The Session has taken an "all in" position to continue the mission of service to Ripley and the surrounding area.  It is obvious that something "new" is required that will protect the history of Ripley First and create the next chapter in the the church's wonderful history.  Ripley First has been blessed with the financial resources to accomplish this effort.  We pray that the current congregation of Ripley First will be a part of this effort. 

Velinda will also take on the role of Music Director as God has blessed her with wonderful musical talents.

The Church through the excellent work of the trustees, have identified and are pursuing a home located at 1101 Elizabeth St.  Kurt and Velinda have seen videos of the home and are very excitied.  

They will be arriving just as soon as we have the house in our name and that is is safe for them to travel.  We are hoping that Kurt will be installed around June 7, 2020 should all the pieces fall into place.  Kurt may be here earlier, but that again depends on travel safety.  

Sunday Service for May 3, 2020

The Session has voted in favor of having in Person Worship Service beginning Sunday, May 3,2020 at our regular time of 10:30 am. Music will be provided by Ethan Neal. We will maintain the proper distancing and if you wish to wear a mask that is ok. Be safe and God Bless. 

Betty Schroth (Updated 04/18/2020)

(This MESSAGE is TODAY 04/18/2020)  Spoke to Betty on the phone and she sounded just GREAT.  She said she was feeling very well, was up walking some, and was hopeful to come home after the COVID-19 restrictions are released.  She thanks everyone for the wonderful cards, calls, and flowers.  Let us continue to keep her in our prayers.  

Let us keep Betty Schroth in our prayers.  She is currently at the Hospice of Hope Care Center.



Hospice of Hope Care Center 

1435 Kenton Point Way

Maysville, KY  41056

Betty also has a cell phone and her number is 937-515-7674

Dan Paeltz  (Update 04/20/2020)  

 (THIS MESSAGE IS FOR 04/20/2020)  Dan is now at home after receiving an excellent report from his surgeon today.  His orders include walking a mile every day and not driving for 3 more weeks.  We hope he does not get the orders confused.  Dan, Phyllis, and Tara want to thank everyone for the prayers, cards, phone calls, and positive thoughts.  

(THIS MESSAGE IS FOR 04/20/2020)  Well Dan made it to Phyllis' on Friday.  Thanks be to God!!!

(THIS MESSAGE IS TODAY 04/10/2020)  All tubes were removed yesterday and we are awaiting word regarding being released today.  For those of us who have had surgery there is one final hurdle that must be accomplished before you can be released; the # 2.  Come on, Dan.  Will let you know when we hear.  

 (THIS MESSAGE IS TODAY 04/08/2020)  Dan is up walking and eating solid food.  This morning he had bacon for breakfast but it upset his stomach a little.  I am sure there is no connection between the bacon and the fact he received a pig valve replacement 🙂  All tubes have been removed except for the chest tube which will probably be removed tomorrow.  There is a chance, if everything continues to progress that he may be released into the care of his mother on Friday.  Let us continue with prayers, as they are working.  

(THIS MESSAGE WAS FROM 04/07/2020)  Dan is in ICU recovering.  Tara's message is that "all went great".  The surgeon replaced the aortic valve and repaired an aneurysm.  He will be in the hospital (Anderson Mercy) for about 4 days and then at Phyllis's for about a week.  God is good all the time.  All the time God is good.  Let us keep Dan and the entire family in our prays.

Let Us Use the Phone - 04/05/2020

This is just a reminder, to keep in contact with each other.  Many should have the update Church Directory with updated phone numbers.  Please stay in contact, during this season of absence.